NaMoDraMo: Drabble 1

A Study in Equinoxes

“Dat’s day mahsh out dere bebe,” Old Nanette said from her rocking chair, a bowl of snap peas in her lap. She pointed southwest towards the dying day.

I swallowed. I’d come this far, only to be thwarted by darkness.

“You should wait til tomorrow,” Jimbo said. He was leaned up against a porch post, picking at the chipped paint. “Nigel will be here with the dogs.”

Old Nanette rocked and snapped the ends off. She gave me a handful to work on.
“Ya betta have ya pointa finga on dat trigga enough plenti of da black powda fa ya gun.”

Jimbo coughed. “It’s daylight, ain’t nothing going to happen.”

“Bebe, no sunshine gonna save yas from dat. De devil does his best work in broad daylight, cause he wan the world world ta see.”

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More pods…

tim's eco news🌎

The pods-weeds final beauty-are the container for the seeds so they can grow more weeds.Just basic science here.In the spotlight is the cat-tail-Typha angustifolia-that blooms May-July growing up to 5′ tall(1.5m).The yellow male spikes are separated  by short gaps from the green female spikes.Also the leaves are long and blade like.You will find the cat-tails in marshes,shallow water,ditches,where ever the earth needs some anchor.The cattails been used by our colonists and our Native Indians and have used for food.The list goes on for it’s benefits.The pods should be picked as soon as the pollen bloom disappears and clean tip remains.As with many pods they can be crafted into nice arrangements.


pic by td-Help from “Pods”-Embertson and “Roadside plants and Flowers”-Edsall.

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LATE BREAKING NEWS: Rescue Press; Spoken Word, Open Mic (Southhampton, NY); Poetry, Music, Open Mic (Bayshore, NY)

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine


Today RESCUE PRESS announced its fall line-up of books. This “is an independent publisher of chaotic and investigative work, founded in the winter of 2009. We publish work by activists, artists, craftsmen, list-makers, philosophers, poets, scientists, writers, and creative thinkers of all kinds. We’re interested in collections of artwork, comics, essays, experiments, how-tos, interrogations, manifestos, notes, poetry, stories, and anything else that transforms us.”  Rescue press reads submissions twice a year: Their first reading period is coming up – January – for book-length prose submissions. So, time enough for you to polish those manuscripts.  The second reading period – June –  is when poetry submissions are accepted for the Block Box Poetry Prize.


Friday, November 11 at 7 PM – 9 PM EST, Hampton Coffee Company Southampton Coffee Experience,
749 County Road 39A, Southampton, New York 11968

Maggie Bloomfield presents: An Evening…

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Change with the tide 


It’s usually hard to adapt to changes. Change is a scary enigma. Anything can be on the other side of the mystery. But I choose to believe that the best lies ahead. Don’t resist change. God always has a plan. He knows what He is doing. Even if you don’t believe in God, just know that everything that happens, happens for a reason. And that reason is always for your betterment.

Change with the tide. Otherwise you’d be the only survivor on a sinking ship. To survive you need to swim away from what you know is going to hit rock bottom.

I’m not talking of change that your conscience tells you is wrong. I’m talking of the things that you feel might be good for you, but you’re hesitant to take that step ahead.

Why do we always second guess ourselves? It’s so easy to lay out a variety…

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