Flash Movie Review: Certain Women


THEY had me at the word chocolate. Friends were telling me about this new food product at the store; wait, they were raving about it as they kept saying I had to try it. So the next time I went to the grocery store I found this product and brought it home. I decided to forgo my chocolate ice cream for dessert so I could have this potentially tasty new treat. Opening the bag I stuck my hand inside and withdrew what I hoped would become a staple in my approved foods repertoire.   MY first bite was met with a textured crunchy surface. The chocolate taste at this point was diminutive. As I started chewing my taste buds were met with a stronger, darker chocolate which I always enjoy. However there also was another taste in the mixture that I could only describe as man-made or artificial. It was not…

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Letters to the Power Plant #16 — A New Year at Dell

Power Plant Men

After I left the power plant and went to work for Dell on August 20, 2001, I wrote letters back to my friends at the plant letting them know how things were going.  This is the sixteenth letter I wrote.  Keep in mind that at the time when I originally penned this letter I didn’t intend on it being posted online.

01/03/02 – A New Year at Dell

Dear E-Pals from Soonersville,

I hope everyone had a great holiday.  I just came back to work yesterday from my vacation.  I was able to take the whole week and a half, from Dec. 21st to January 2nd.

Today it is cold outside.  I mean, it is really cold out.  The weather man called it a “Hard Freeze”!!!  I bundled myself up and stepped outside this morning ready to face the harsh weather of Austin USA.  The first thing I noticed when…

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My Diary: Memories Of Events That Still Haven’t Happened

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

On finding myself as a Belisha beacon at the start of the day I waited until the traffic had gone and it was safe to cross the road.‭ ‬I met my sister on a golden bough‭ (‬she had just got off an ivy stem with her five legged friend‭) ‬and we drove to town in tandem wheel barrows‭ ‬-‭ ‬I pointed out the smoke from a distant chimney and she showed me a picture of a chimpanzee on her wristwatch.‭ ‬I met June moonlighting as a lamp post and then met my father who was in the process of making a pet out of his beard:‭ ‬he said that some beards will bite and then fed a biscuit to the wild animal on the top of his head.‭ ‬We went for a meal in the upper atmosphere of what I assumed was the Earth but it could have been a…

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Rodeo Stampede 

Apps Reviewed

Saddle up and get ready to wrassle with the stampediest critters this side of the Savannah. Lions and Tigers and Bears are no match for this rodeo star. Armed with a lasso and a ten gallon hat, swing from the backs of stampeding buffalo, elephants, ostrich and more. Hold tight atop these bucking beasts and you might just win their hearts. When the stampede’s over, the zoo begins! Fill enclosures with your four-footed friends and let your patrons gaze in wonder.
Ride through the wild stampede on the backs of buffalo, elephants, and all types of exotic animals, Dodge and avoid obstacles in your chase for high scores

Catch and befriend animals of all shapes and sizes to show off in your Sky Zoo, Collect a wide variety of hats for your character to wear, Invite visitors to come admire your collection, Expand and Manage your zoo to earn huge…

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Stock-Trading Tips for Beginners


*Disclaimer: This advice is primarily targeted at traders (short-term), not investors who are investing long term. (People use the terms ‘trading’ and ‘investing’ interchangeably which is a HUGE NO-NO– Investing=expecting Long-term gains, Trading=expecting Short-term gains)

1) Understanding what your goal is and which brokerage company to use

-Before entering the stock market, understand what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to make quick profit (more risk), or do you want to make profit in the long run (less risk)? If you want to make quick profit, you should trade stocks, and if you are trying to make profit in the long term, you should probably invest through dividends (money companies give to their shareholders quarterly or yearly depending on the company) or long term growth of the company.

-Next, you should pick a stock brokerage that will suit your goals

(Note that some brokerages charge a

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