Sherlock Holmes (2009)


“Never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”


Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Silver Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures present…

Based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work on what transpired to be as the “World’s Greatest Detective”! Eccentric, true! Unconventional, absolutely! But most of all, one of the brilliant minds of his time! His character was given birth coming from idle days at the Author’s clinic located at Portsmouth, while waiting for customers; he would scribe his creation’s adventures and misadventures to pass the time!

His mentor from the university Joseph Bell was the progenitor, the image which Sir Arthur was trying to emulate for his new found hobby, having the same demeanor for intuition, deduction and inference and thus Sherlock Holmes was born to solve mysteries and fight crime as a Consulting Detective!

Running as…

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Today’s Prompt: Cheat

It’s bright and cheerful Sunday morning, and procrastination is the first thing on my mind.

Tomorrow is the start of a new week, there are places to go, people to see, printouts to make, bills to pay and more. I should start doing something about all this right now. This however seems like an endless chain of events that I am not ready for. I don’t want to jump there. I idle and procrastinate. Put it off. Do it later. There’s always tomorrow.

At the first sight, this sounds like a positive thinking but deep inside I know it’s a plain old cheating. I just have to pull myself together and overcome. Get a grip and just do what I have to do. Get started.

Am getting there…

Aug 28. Mark Twain QuoteInspired by the Daily Prompt: CHEAT.

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My Diary: My Portrait Stepped Out Of Its Painting For A Break

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

It was raining rain coats outside as I got up as a road sign in the middle of a field.‭ ‬June was a garden pond in the middle of a lake and we talked like a chair meeting a long lost table.‭ ‬I had to go to the atomic nucleus town to orbit like an electron with my long eared friend.‭ ‬I left him in an ink spot jungle and came home with punctuation marks sounding like howler monkeys in the rainy distance.‭ ‬Luckily before I came to the end of the page I collected him again:‭ ‬he had the face of Mark Twain sucking on a straw and I had the face of a straw sucking on Mark Twain.‭ ‬June had become a viaduct in the interim and was spanning a valley in a black and white photograph‭; ‬I reciprocated by becoming a trestle table in a coloured print‭…

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Haddon Musings


People call me crazy.  I have searched these red rocks for years. My Annabelle, she gave up on me and went off with that banker feller.  Someday I will fill that bank with gold.  I know the tale of the Lost Dutchman is true.  I have spent my entire life searching this Superstition Mountain.

People call me crazy.  It has been a lonely life but I will have the last laugh when I find that mine.  I will ride into to town and the women will fight to keep me company and the men will buy me drinks and want to be my friend.  But they are all too late, I know they all call me crazy Bill.  

People call me crazy but the lonely Apache swore it was true. Damn shame he  refused to give up his secrets.  Felt bad that I had to kill him.  It gets real lonely…

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HEADS-UP ROCHESTER, NY … “READING THE WORLD” With Hélène Cordova & Dennis Maloney

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

rtwcs_2016_cardona_handbill-bigThe French Embassy in the United States and Open Letter, the publishing arm (literature in translation) of University of Rochester in New York that sponsors “Reading the World,” announce their invitation to listen to renowned poet, translator, actress, and recent PEN USA translation prize judge Hélène Cardona (Life in Suspension, Salmon Poetry, 2016 and Beyond Elsewhere, White Pine Press, 2016).  Poet and publisher Dennis Maloney (White Pine Press) will also present.  The poets will read from their work and discuss the process of bringing international poetry to readers.

This event, free and open to the public, is scheduled for November 7 at 7 p.m. at ButaPub, 315 Gregory St, Rochester, New York 14620. Food and refreshments will be available. 

Hélène Cardona‘s recent books include the Award-Winning Dreaming My Animal Selves(Salmon Poetry, 2013) and the Hemingway Grant recipient Beyond Elsewhere (White Pine Press, 2016). She also translated Walt…

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