Something About November 8, 2016 – Decision Day #vote2016 #election2016

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Tuesday, November 8th is the day that American’s have been waiting for it seems forever. We will know (hopefully) who will be the next President of The United States. It has been a very long process of primary votes, debates, campaigning and more debating. Secretary Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump have made this election cycle a very memorable one. It has been one for the history books. State and local races will be decided tomorrow too so that will impact people more directly.

Almost 44 million votes have been cast in early voting but tomorrow the rest of America will have their say. It’s going to be a very interesting Tuesday evening watching the results coming from across the country. It will be a late night for many but I am hoping the race will be hopefully called by 11 PM.

I will be blogging about decision day throughout…

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Few More Step To Go

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 08 Nov 2016 (Day 313/366)

A stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs is a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps. Stairs may be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles.

Special types of stairs include escalators and ladders. Some alternatives to stairs are elevators (lifts in British English), stairlifts and inclined moving walkways as well as stationary inclined sidewalks (pavements in British English).

A stair, or a stairstep is one step in a flight of stairs. In buildings, stairs is a term applied to a complete flight of steps between two floors. A stair flight is a run of stairs or steps between landings. A staircase or stairway is one or more flights of stairs leading from one floor to another, and includes landings, newel posts, handrails…

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Anne Stewart’s poetry p f … good resource for poets and poetry lovers

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

annephotoAnne Stewart’s poetry p f is a wonderful go-to place when you want to expand your reading to include accomplished contemporary (mostly UK) poets. Assuming you meet the membership requirements, it can also be the means to making your own collection/s more visible on the Internet.

“Membership requirements” might seem to imply a certain elitism, but the standard is in my opinion not onerous but reasonable enough to ensure that the poets represented have refined their craft and have a serious interest in and commitment to poetry.

As I write this post, there are some 300 top-notch poets on poetry p f  and their collections might be difficult to find without this resource. I’m not a member, but I do like to make purchases from poetry p f. It’s convenient and, unlike Amazon, the poet pages are uniform and you can count on them to be there. They offer you a sample…

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