Told You So.

The Outraged Progressive

Well, Dems, don’t say you weren’t warned well in advance that this was going to happen. You had your chance to nominate a candidate, Bernie Sanders, who would have beaten this clown in a landslide. But no, you broke your own party’s rules to interfere in the primaries, and used the same dirty electoral fraud tactics used by the Bush-Cheney campaign in two consecutive presidential elections, all in order to run the ONE candidate you KNEW could lose to whichever troglodyte the GOPhers ultimately nominated, because you’d rather have lost with another Republican-wannabe than let a liberal head the ticket. Your candidate and your party leadership got caught doing things that are, at BEST, highly unethical, and in many cases outright CRIMINAL, but still you plodded along, ignoring the very real problems this created for you in the eyes of the public. You childishly kept pointing the finger of blame…

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