Everything You’ve Heard is Probably True

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Hey Fam-

Boy do I ever have news for you..

Everything you’ve heard is probably true.

Well kind of..

SOO this is the title of an article I wrote for Thrillist.

The article is my take on a 12 hour binge drinking session I did at a popular restaurant in my town.

You can read it there by clicking on the shiny blue link above; or if you’d like, you can simply read the article below.

Be sure to comment, share and let me know what you think.


I lock my bloodshot eyes with a woman in lederhosen before flashing her a Cheshire grin and polishing off my liter-sized stein of Hofbräu Original (my fifth of the night) to the rising and falling roar of the beer hall.

Ten hours earlier, before I’d kicked off my 12 hours of drinking, the resident accordion player called out the unapologetic theme for…

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