My Diary: Standing At The Bottom Of A Trench Imagining The Horizon

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

I dreamt of a monster approaching a house and I had to choose to either warn the occupants or run away‭; ‬as it was only a dream I decided to run away‭! ‬When I woke up I realised I was the monster.‭ ‬I mulled over this while I sat on the roof whittling a length of guttering down pipe into the effigy of Cassandra on the walls of Troy.‭ ‬From this vantage point I could see the various private spaces all the way down the street‭ ‬-‭ ‬I noticed one clothes line held only overcoats and another only underwear,‭ ‬which was very puzzling as they were very close neighbours.‭ ‬Later the man who owns all the sea shells on the river’s edge came to strip an evening dress off the stairs and talk of camouflaging an amorphous red blob in a large expanse of green.‭ ‬He wore a monocle but…

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By the Mighty Mumford

A quarter after already,

Been working at this kind of steady…

Since one PM

Been writing poems,

While being alert and at the ready!

Found conversation too,

With a few folks here i KNEW…

A couple of girls

Danced with me a few whirls,

So I’m not feeling blue!

A different pattern with each,

Don’t worry–they won’t let me preach…

One likes debate

The other, we skate

Around and out of reach!

Should they be reading  it here,

To both–I hold you so dear…

Love you as friends

Though some day it ends,

By talking you give me much cheer.  ❤

–Jonathan Caswell

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A Slice of Cornwall

Zoe Mollie

This post is a little different to what i would usually write, think of it more like an appreciation of  small local business. The other day i went for lunch to a small cafe about 20 minutes from where i lived, with mediocre expectation. To my surprise this small lodge hidden away on the Cornish countryside, shocked my tastebuds in a spectacular way. NO, the food was not 5 star French cuisine. But it really was delicious. The place i am talking about is called, Slice.

The decor for a start was everything i love squeezed into one small room. Cool tone greys, whites and creams, potted plants, oak tables and modern assets. I have never been more in awe of a cafe in my life.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I decided to order a Chocolate Orange Frappe, and WOW, best choice i ever made! The drink was served in a mason jar (my…

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6 Ways to boost your small business that you might not have tried yet


Small businesses are typically firmly rooted in tradition. You might own a local pizza deli. It might deliver online but that might be through a very old-fashioned website. You might be relatively successful but have no idea who your customers are. Or you might struggle with customer retention.

Small businesses are good at getting by on the day-to-day. But if one day you reach a point where you want to give your clothing boutique, café or pizza restaurant a new lease of life, consider these tips:

Get a new logo

Particularly if your business is family-run, it’s unlikely the logo has had a revamp for quite a few years. Is that correct? Thought so. If you have an artistic friend, consider asking them to design a new logo for you that you can display in the shop and duplicate on flyers and online. If you have money to invest…

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