Breaking The Curse Of Being Skeptical.

Ann Oblivion Blog

They both have dreamt of a sky full of stars.
A soothing moonlight. Happy, winsome Air. Night long conversations about attainable dreams of a never-ending relationship.
He coupled his words with soothing gestures of caressing her from head to chin to her shoulders.
Those silent exchange of tenderness in the glances. Realizing the existence of heaven while embracing the reality of togetherness and compassion.
But as the wings of time start to get into the speed and those old age monsters of bed get into the picture, couples get more skeptical. They necessarily have to question everything.

Asking for a cup of tea might get you responses like
‘But you just had one an hour ago!’.

Different sets of disagreements for different intervals of a day. Questioning and doubting everything becomes more of a daily routine rather than a habit.

This is what happens when a discipline, modesty, and morality…

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