July 1944 (1)

Pacific Paratrooper

503rd Regiment at Noemfoer, 2 July 1944 503rd Regiment at Noemfoer, 2 July 1944

1 July – on Saipan, the US 27th Infantry Division and the 2nd and 4th Marine divisions were within 5.5 miles (9km) of the northern tip of the island.  On the left flank of the advance they had taken the heights overlooking Tanapag Harbor.

2 July – for Operation Cyclone, paratroopers of the 503rd Regiment [not yet a part of the 11th Airborne Division] dropped on Noemfoor Island, off New Guinea.  Sgt. Ray Eubanks received the Medal of Honor for his actions here posthumously.  A landing was also made in the vicinity of Kaimiri Airdrome on the northwest coast of Noemfoor.

Sgt. Ray E. Eubanks Sgt. Ray E. Eubanks

The amphibious attack force, under the command of Rear Admiral Fechteler, consisted of an attack group, a covering group of cruisers and destroyers, a landing craft unit, and a landing force built around the 148th U. S. Infantry Regimental…

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The Association of Literary Scholars, Critics announces 2017 Dissertation Fellowship

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

“The annual fellowship is designed to support an individual whose doctoral dissertation involves literary history and/or aesthetics by providing a three week residency at a cabin nestled on nine acres in the mountains of West Virginia. Preference is given to candidates whose dissertation is at an advanced stage. The cabin is fully equipped and has Internet service. The dates of the residency are flexible and to be determined by the fellowship recipient in consultation with the ALSCW. Applicants must submit a c.v., a chapter of their dissertation, a two page description of the entire dissertation, and three letters of recommendations. Materials should be submitted online to alscw@cua.org with the heading ALSCW Fellowship on the subject line of the email. Additional references and an occupancy agreement may be required. All applicants must be members of the ALSCW or sponsored by a member of the ALSCW. The deadline for submission is February…

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Simple But Luxurious Rev Floating Penthouse


The German company Rev-House specializes in the construction of houses on the water. One of her latest projects was the houseboat the Rev Houseboat. It is designed specifically for those who appreciate not only the original but also luxurious vacation. Each model in the water of the house made to order. Architects and designers work closely with each customer to realize all his wishes. Such components as a fireplace, jacuzzi, sauna, floor heating, underwater lighting only emphasize the claim to luxury Rev Houseboat.

Simple But Luxurious Rev Floating Penthouse

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