Looking Forward, Peninsula, Ohio

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looking-forward-cuyahoga-scenic-railroad-peninsula-ohioLooking  forward  from  my  seat  on  the  Cuyahoga  Valley  Scenic  Railroad.

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How to Dress for the Desert in 7 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

When you go camping in the desert, there is only one hard thing to determine…what to wear. The weather is SO unpredictable and can always be so extreme! The desert in the fall is definitely a hard location to dress for! In the early morning, it’s a little chilly. But wait for that sun to come out! Then you’re shedding layers like crazy. Then that sun disappears and you’re freezing your ass off! What is a girl to do?


Here’s my packing list for a trip to the desert!

1. Beanies and ear warmers

You definitely will need these for when you’re hanging out around the campfire at night! The fire will keep your body warm, but what about your head and ears!? Plus, it’s nice to not have to worry about your hair. Just slap one of these babies on!

2. Jacket

Duh. It’s cold at night. Don’t be the…

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Erika Louise

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1479727263456.jpgRest in peace, Erika Louise Solis. Photo from Facebook

Hi everyone. I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about one of my good friends from high school, Erika. Even though my friend’s been gone for 4 years today, this post was hard to write. It saddens me that I didn’t find out about her death until months after her funeral. I felt like such a failure as a friend. I’m trying not to cry too much as I write this. Maybe it’s all that pent up guilt or sadness combined that’s making me cry, I don’t know. I can’t stop crying but it’s alright. I’m just going to let the tears flow until they stop. We all need to have a good cry once in awhile anyway.

wp-1479730599125.jpgEven though me and Erika were friends throughout high school, we lost touch. I went to college and she went…

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Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

Memories that vibrant image brings
Flute I hear, a soprano sings
Your hand, pink palms, slowly spread
Touching, disappearing in the blood red
Caressing produce, wide eyes stare
heart seduced, mind strips, soul bares
Summer dress, glowing sunflower bloom
Years have passed, all deep dark gloom
slowing traversing these same streets
where I was kissed, had innumerable treats
always ended up looking rather lost
Time erasing recollections fast
Keep searching, past forgotten ghosts
those wonderful arms, that beautiful host
of merriment, ecstasy and joy of soul
Life without you, a great big hole

20140406-064604 am.jpg

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