A Story of Thanksgiving by Albert Als

John Cowgill's Literature Site

Hello Everybody.  I am Albert Als.  Who am I?  I am somebody who came up with this story about Thanksgiving.  What is this story about Thanksgiving?  Allow me to tell you this story, but first, we must go way, way, way back to a time in history.

It first began with a wealthy man named Arostogas.  He lived in very ancient Rome.  At the time, he saw many without money.  So he established many banks across Rome.  That day was known as Banksgiving.

Later, King Atropicees and Queen Sophiltrees of the Nobitnose Kingdom were without a child, and they were up there in age.  They needed an heir to continue the kingdom.  Someone then surrendered a child to be a child of the royal family, and they took him in.  While in the royal palace, the child became very cranky complaining about everything.  The day of the child’s arrival was…

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