“It’s Not A Real Infrastructure Program Without Embracing An Economically Viable Inter-City Rail Corridor Inter-Connecting Network”


By M.E. Singer
Why the sound of crickets towards one critical component required to competently address our nation’s infrastructure deficiencies? For no valid reason, inter-city passenger rail corridor development continues to be missing within the context of the policy options to comprehensively approach our issue of re-building infrastructure.

Why would the well documented benefits of intercity passenger rail be neglected here, particularly given the increased demand for Midtown-Midtown mobility? Such a well planned rail infrastructure program would certainly be substantially less cost than a mile of interstate highway, or, another runway and apron. How do we continue to avoid “the elephant in the room” of airport gridlock due to so many flights serving markets under 500 miles; let alone the increased costs and reduced services to those places?

As evidenced in the Northeast Corridor, intercity rail has earned a well established position, offering schedule frequencies convenient to business and leisure…

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