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Pampas grass-Cortaderia selloana-in this pic is holding down the marsh area.You can see this plant used as decor in the neighbor’s yard.It blooms into the fall and the blooms can be cut and dried for decorations-pods.


Speaking of pods-the plants capsule of seeds-here is a pic of my honey  vine milkweed-Ampelamus albidus-is a true milkweed and a host for Monarch butterfly and a lot of bees.The plant produces a large amount of pollen and is a magnet for the bees and thus more vines.The fragrance is subtle but powerful in the summer breeze.This plant established itself last year and took off this summer.I know it can be an opportunity in ag crops but I just love this weed.It has an extensive root system and the pod s ensure more will be on the way.I saw some cool butterflies stop to visit but no Monarchs.


Easy does it here-field daisy,white weed,midsummer…

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The first issue of Kent Island’s newspaper, The Bay Times, was published in November, 1963, and featured stories and pictures mourning the assassination of the young president, John F. Kennedy. Much of the coverage centered around Kennedy’s 1960 visit to Queen Anne’s County during his 1960 campaign.


Stopping by our county seat of Centreville, the future president made a short speech and met a number of prominent locals, including Democratic State Central Committee members Abe Epstein and Catherine Kirwan, as well as businessman, Julius Grollman, who worked on the successful Kennedy/Johnson run for the white house.



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Siren of the Sea

She shakes the sea

from her hair

in tiny, salty droplets

rising up from the water

after diving among anemones

reef gazing

swimming through a myriad

of color brilliant fish

hearing the call

of palm trees

beckoning her back

from a supernatural sea

to a beach where

white sand swirls

like desire

enticing mermaids

upward from the depths

the magic mixture

of waves, air and sea foam

she touches the tiny seashells

strung around her neck

sing me a song

between high tide

and low dreams

frothy enchantress

of sultry dreams

steady surf beneath

her floating feet

magnificent creature

born of seaside fables

and a writer’s pen.


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