Feminism and Cognitive Bias

Erratic Expeditions

Recently, I traveled to Mahabaleshwar in Goa. I was standing in a handicraft store looking at the molds and designs of different things kept for viewing and buying. There were numerous household items, like pan, chakla-belan( used to flatten and round dough ), pots, jars, cutting knives and trays etc.

My first reaction to this was – ‘Why do these stores have mainly female-centric items?’ I could not identify with them. This was certainly not the first time this had happened. It happens when I accompany my mother on shopping.

This incident made me feel a little uncomfortable with myself. It made me feel like my belief in ‘equality’ had been a pretense all along. Was this unique to me? Was I being hypocritical?

Confused, I emailed my Philosophy Professor. (We are currently being taught ethics and morality.) He wrote to me – ‘We are all cultural…

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From Breakbulk To The Container

The Arts Mechanical

The shipping container, the vessels that carry them and the land vehicles that carry them represent a revolution in the way cargo gets moved across the world. The full impact of that revolution is still being felt.  The one thing that is certain is, that like it or not the world is going to be more connected than it has ever been in history as getting stuff from point “A” to point “B” has never been cheaper. To understand the full impact of the revolution We need to start at the beginning.

For most of history the way a ship was loaded cargo did not really change very much. Loading a ship  was backbreaking labor over gangplank or lifted from a lighter onto the ship with a capstan. This limited the size of what could be put on board.  For most of history most cargo vessels were not much different than this one. Whatever they…

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Mon. Nov. 28, 2016: Writing Progress

Ink In My Coffee

Monday, November 28, 2016
Dark Moon
Sunny and cold

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Week.

I concentrated on letting the broken foot heal and on writing. The play about the 14th century pirate is nearly done and will go out at the end of the week. The proof of TRACKING MEDUSA will be done later today, and it will go out on resubmission tomorrow. Plus, I got some work done on a couple of other projects, including MURDER OF A MELANCHOLIC.

I need to do a couple of tweaks to the end of CHOLERIC, and then another batch of queries go out on that, too. Although I think that series will be a challenge for any thing that smacks of corporate structure, since the series breaks so many rules. But I wrote the book (and am developing the series) that I want to read, but can’t find…

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