Why ‘Let it Go’ would have been a better villain song…

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I can hear the groans from here. Yes you all knew that I was going to be talking about this shit-storm of a movie in more detail at some point and in all honest, I’ve done my best to avoid it.

However, given that it.s a take on one of the all-time great fantasy stories, it’s produced by… pretty much the main company that has been making the majority of fantasy movies for almost a century now… wow, it seemed like it was almost inevitable.

Look, I’m going to level with everyone here, I do not like this movie. Yes, I’m a small minority. I acknowledge that the movie visuals ate spectacular, the songs are for the most part entertaining… for the most part…


I will give them credit for adding Scandinavian chanting in the opening credits, even if it does make you feel like you’re watch a much…

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In 1963, my local newspaper announced the intentions of “New York philanthropist” Arthur A. Houghton to establish the Wye Institute, a forward thinking organization with a primary mandate to promote the “progress of the Eastern Shore.”

Arthur Houghton, the president of Steuben Glass, was also, among his many civic accomplishments, chairman of both the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New York Philharmonic, and he helped create Lincoln Center, the internationally renown home of not only the philharmonic, but also the New York Opera and the New York Ballet.

Houghton constructed The Wye Institute on his 750 acre estate, Wye River Plantation, which was once the home of one of Maryland’s signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the third governor of Maryland, William Paca.

Houghton enlarged the property to 1,100 acres by purchasing an adjacent tract of land, and in 1979, he donated the entire enterprise to the Aspen Institute, an international public policy study…

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Making a soldier my friend


making-friends-with-soldier-hairy-armpits-fingersNew friends. Source: Pinterest 

I’ve just had a huge ‘aha’ moment watching Paul Chappell’s talk on waging peace.

I have realised that in my being angry at the army’s existence, I am doing exactly what the government do to get people to go out and kill people in war in the first place.

My anger comes from my own dehumanisation of those who go to war. I realised that this is never a way to get to peace.

 making-friend-with-a-soldier-soldier-love-hairy-armpitsSoldier love. Source: deviant art

When Chappell talks about being a pacifist that is ‘pro-military’, I discover a great respect for him. Because it made me realise how you don’t have to be anti-military in order to be pro-war. Those are two separate things. The people are not war.

The de-humanising of people is an easy way for people to begin killing, and is how army officers and leaders, make it possible, (along…

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