10 Surprising Human Body Fact That You Might Not Know


Human Bodyis a standout amongst the most confused machines which have ever been known not. There are numerous facts that you likely won’t not think about your body and here are the main 10 which we think will take your breath away separated….READ MORE

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19 Supremely Awkward Family Christmas Photos (Slide #1) – Offbeat

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The card this year is a liiiiiiittle awkward.

Source: 19 Supremely Awkward Family Christmas Photos (Slide #1) – Offbeat

If you want a laugh or to be disturbed just for the heck of it, check out this gallery of truly interesting/weird/surprising family Christmas photos. (Warning, not for the feint of heart. Might cause bad dreams.) Enjoy!

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Canadian-Chinese in the C.B.I. 1944-45

Pacific Paratrooper

Force 136 Force 136

Rumble in the Jungle: The Story of Force 136 is on at the Chinese Canadian Military Museum in Vancouver Canada until the end of 2016.  More information at: www.ccmms.ca

Ironically, while these men were agents for the Allies, back home in Canada they were not considered citizens. Although born in Canada, these soldiers could not vote, nor could they become engineers, doctors or lawyers. Many were forced to live in segregated neighborhoods. In some cities, they were forbidden to swim in public pools and were forced to sit in the back of theaters.

In late 1941, Japan entered the war. It quickly invaded large swathes of Southeast Asia. Many of these areas had been British, French and Dutch colonies.

Britain was desperate to infiltrate the region. They had had some success in occupied Europe when Special Operations Executive (SOE.) trained and dropped secret agents into France…

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Shame (2011)


Michael and Carey deliver disturbingly, controversial, powerful performances embracing their susceptibility to be loved and be accepted in spite of being human!


Fox Searchlight Pictures in association with Film4, See-Saw Films and UK Film Council present…

Director Steve McQueen (Hunger) gives a powerful and redeemable story of lust and love! The Big Apple where temptation is not a stranger gives emphasis in a harsh reality and it all points out to one man…Brandon! Steve once again collaborates with the lead actor since 2008 for the aforementioned film! He was able to bring out the repercussions of self-loathing which was successfully adhered coming from a finely selected actor that was his only choice to play the role!

Abi Morgan (Sex Traffic) and the Director wrote the script and made it an impeccably thought provoking masterpiece!  It’s character centric at the same time story driven which sums altogether the right amount of…

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