Art Of The Week: Spy vs. Spy

The Arts Mechanical

When I was growing up one of the magazines that was always there was the comic magazine, MAD.  Now I don’t think that I ever bought a copy, because to me mad tended to be pretty stupid.  For the most part I got the feelings that the writers just weren’t trying very hard. The exception was Spy vs. Spy. The premise was simple, there were these two spies, one dressed in white, the other black. In every comic one or the other would attempt to create a fatal accident for the other. Usually these things would backfire, causing  the initiator to come to a bad end.  The methods used and how the little scene played out were always creative and amusing, with a little bite to them.

Spy vs Spy was created by Antonio Prohias, a Cuban exile who before Spy vs Spy was biting Batista and later Castro. …

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