10 Myths About Survival, That May Cost Us Our Lives


All of us would like to look like heroes in an emergency when necessary survival skills. Therefore, we and like to watch on TV reality shows like “Survivor” or “Man vs. Wild”. But to survive in the wild – not a simple matter, and there could be no reality show will not help.Rather hurt because television set of rules “survival” – a myth to believe in which are often life-threatening. The following discussion will focus on deep-rooted beliefs, myths, in other words, the survival of which will destroy more than save you in an emergency.

Myth 1: You can suck the venom out of place snakebite

In fact, a snake venom immediately enters the blood and does not accumulate at the site of the bite.In addition, the mouth is full of bacteria and you just add all the muck out of his mouth to the wound.Moreover, snake venom can…

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THE SUNDAY POESY: Opportunities, Events and Other News and Information

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine



Opportunity Knocks

RINKY DINK PRESS, micropoetry for the people: poems delivered in a 2.75 x 4.25 format ” so bigger than a credit card, but smaller than a postcard” that contains six pages.  The editors publish ten collections twice a year and it looks like their first collection was published this past April.  Next pub date is in November. The press is a “rotating collective of advanced creative writing students and established poets from the Phoenix area dedicated to promoting lyrical yet concise micropoetry, compact little messages with a punch.”  I’d say it’s worth your time to check it out if you’re into micropoetry.  DetailsHERE. Deadline: January 13, 2017

ACUMEN, Poetry Prose Reviews is published three times a year and editors seek poetry and feature articles. Submission by email or by postal service.  Details HERE.

THE BeZINE is reading submission for the next issue. The theme is The…

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Lancaster Pilot Maxwell Storey – 149 Squadron

Aviation Trails

I was recently contacted by a reader who was trying to find out information about her grandfather, F.O. Maxwell Graydon Storey, 149 Squadron RAAF, Bomber Command, RAF Methwold.

This is his story so far:

He joined the Air Force in Australia in 1942/43 and was sent to England in December 1943. Here he was attached to the RAF and continued with his training as a bomber pilot. He transferred through a number of stations honing his skills and advancing his flying attributes. On completion, he joined 149 Squadron at RAF Methwold, where he flew Lancaster MK IBs up to and after the war. He flew a small number of bombing and food parcel missions before the war ended and his eventual return to Australia.

Maxwell died earlier this year at the age of 92, he didn’t reveal very much about his time in England and so there are a…

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Professor Haughty



Early in the Classics degree, it became clear I would have to take Ancient Greek and Latin languages classes. As well as not wanting to be there, I would have to learn shit I didn’t want to know. This really wasn’t working out. I gave the Greek course a go for a few weeks, but couldn’t get my head around even the alphabet. I decided this degree wasn’t for me and arranged a meeting. My mind was a blur. But I turned up to a cramped room and met an ageing, plump professor who looked over half moon glasses. Wearing a brown corduroy jacket and a blue-checked cotton shirt, he had a bald head with tufts of grey hair over his ears.

He shifted in gloomy surroundings and smiled in a condescending way that irritated me. “Ah, you’re the one who’s scared of Greek.”

“Not so much scared as the…

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Best Heart Care Apps

Apps Reviewed

1.Free Heart Rate Measurement

The App not only measures your heart rate but also checks your blood pressure, breathing, eyes,color blindness, hearing and lots more. It uses your phones built in camera to calculate and read all the things like the professional medical devices which are based on the same technology. The App is easy to use and keep the records for future need. Very handy for heart patients.

2.Cardiac risk calculator

Very simple App which uses Framingham equation on user’s input parameters. It calculates coronary heart disease (CHD),stroke,Death from coronary or cardiovascular heart disease and more. The input needed are very minimal which all of us know about ourselves.

3.The Heart App

The Apps aim is to help people find out if they are at risk of,or are developing a heart attack based on some questions regarding their seemingly serious or not so serious chest complains. These questions…

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