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Appreciation of WordPress Peeps

The Tony Burgess Blog

I’m glad to be in a mature, levelheaded community of bloggers here. We don’t agree on everything but there is a standard of respect and comradery here that I deeply appreciate. It’s OK to speak your mind and it’s very important to have an open mind to others.I encourage friends on other platforms to give this spot on the web a chance. Keep on blogging good people.

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My Diary: A Landscape Composed Entirely Of Rain

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

June went out before breakfast to sit in a washing machine while I went out to dry in the gasping for breath air.‭ ‬The dog and I walked the entire length of a piece of rope:‭ ‬I found out later it was a lasso said to have been last used by either Hoppalong Cassidy or more likely his horse.‭ ‬We both waved to a figure slowly sinking into a cloud and then talked‭ (‬for some time‭) ‬to a woman composed entirely of rain‭; ‬we eventually entered the house with working windmills on our backs‭ ‬-‭ ‬Poppy’s milled flour while mine ground down ideas into submission.‭ ‬I attached jet engines to my forehead at dinner time and visited June on top of the tallest building in town‭; ‬I left the burning engines with her and flew down using my six arms as wings.

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Top 3 Apps for Musical Instruments 

Apps Reviewed

1.Piano +

The App is simple and effortlessly you can play the Piano. Not only you can learn the piano you can right away start playing it and at any speed. It has 128 musical MIDI instruments, 12 studio quality sampled voices and more than 50,000 songs (most of them are not free). The App lets you learn or play as you like and there are no forced instructions.

2.Violin : Magical Bow

You feel you are really playing a violin! It will take you couple of minutes to learn the instructions and then the music starts to flow. It helps you to learn the violin and play songs with a simulated bow on the screen. You can Choose to play on your own or a song from library with prompt notes. It lets you record your songs and there are daily challenges to get extra points. Choose between…

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