My Diary: A Landscape Composed Entirely Of Rain

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

June went out before breakfast to sit in a washing machine while I went out to dry in the gasping for breath air.‭ ‬The dog and I walked the entire length of a piece of rope:‭ ‬I found out later it was a lasso said to have been last used by either Hoppalong Cassidy or more likely his horse.‭ ‬We both waved to a figure slowly sinking into a cloud and then talked‭ (‬for some time‭) ‬to a woman composed entirely of rain‭; ‬we eventually entered the house with working windmills on our backs‭ ‬-‭ ‬Poppy’s milled flour while mine ground down ideas into submission.‭ ‬I attached jet engines to my forehead at dinner time and visited June on top of the tallest building in town‭; ‬I left the burning engines with her and flew down using my six arms as wings.

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