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Back to schoolAutumn is here! My favorite time of year. In Portland the weather is clear and sunny, the temperature comfortably drifts between a perfect 50-75 degrees, and the rains are held at bay for a few more weeks.

The air is filled with beautiful colors, savory aromas, and
the sound of boots crunching golden leaves.
Is there anything better?
Well yes, lets just add some fall-icious books to the equation shall we!

Here are a few harvest reads and warm drinks to ‘fall’ in love with 😉 :

A pocket Full of Rye

The Queen of Mystery and acknowledged mistress of suspense brings us this fall worthy mystery.

The bizarre death of a financial tycoon has Miss Marple investigating a very odd case of crime by rhyme.

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mocha-nutella-hot-chocolate-5-683x1024-editedBook Bean: Cocoa-Nut Mocha
An ordinary mocha gets a little nutty. Mix in 1/2 tsp of nutmeg to cocoa powder/syrup…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Don’t understand his apathy,

He seems withdrawing from me…

So his wife says

Rather amazed,

He’s given up completely!

Pedaling as fast as he can,

Overwhelmed by the season’s demands…

Pace then slows

Sanity goes,

His mind like a double-quick band.

Focusing on the best,

That need doing before rest…

Having burnout

Is no one’s fault

But let’s pray he comes back with zest!

–Jonathan Caswell

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My Diary: In Touch With The Small Fluffy Toy Inside Us All

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

June got up early,‭ ‬trailing stands of darkness behind her like candy floss.‭ ‬I licked my lips but decided to turn on the light.‭ ‬I saw her again on the jetty waiting for her ship to come in:‭ ‬covered as it was with the remains of an overnight party by pre Homo sapiens hominids‭ ‬-‭ ‬I was surprised to find that some cave men were vegetarians and in celebration me and the soul of the first computer sung songs around meteor craters in the music score of ancient history‭ (‬I knew the composer but he didn’t know me‭)‬.‭ ‬My sister and I met as separate layers of paint on a railway station outbuilding‭; ‬we eventually merged to form a new colour and this colour went to to town for a meal.‭ ‬We assembled around a large tree in the middle of the room and talked like over ripe fruit.

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