victory is mine, a poem


lockyou thrive on fear,
but i slow you, stay you, sink my nails into you
as i sink my nails into the moon
knock if you must, but i have barred the door
i have hung a magic amulet from the rafters
my screams rise silent as a roar, black as a sun
they rise from a living heart, pierce the numb sky
my laugh is a cackle scratching your yellow eyes
i grow tired but spring back again,
a wilting rose newly watered

night done and i’ve won battle over
the puce and putrid that filled my lungs –
i breath, i breath and tenderly i poem
as if there would ever and always be another sun
i am here to race and tear, to rail and gag
still i laugh, still i love

come you must at close of day, but
your soul is prose and mine is poem,
triumph belongs to the Eternal in me
…..victory is mine

– Jamie Dedes

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