Music Monday – Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen

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In the spirit of my fiddle picture I present to you Dexy’s Midnight Runners “Come On Eileen” which has a great fiddle arrangement throughout the tune. The fiddle is one of the great instrument in pop music because it can add some spark to any song. This particular song is one of the greats of the 1980’s.

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Word play : SLUT


arts-effect-slut-the-playSlut the play. Source:Arts effect 

Warning: NSFW

Ok, so this one is about the word: slut.

I think this one may actually be more offensive than cunt. Because a cunt is just a strong sounding word for a vag, but slut has all sorts of connotations and judgements of its own.

The thing is, like how being hairless was associated with class, i.e. those who were hairless tended to be in the upper classes (poor people couldn’t afford razors!)… the word slut was actually originally used to describe a man who was dressed badly (“Did you see what John was wearing? -Flannel pants with a checkered shirt – what a slut!”)

omweekend-hot-slut-clubPopular Slut Club. Source: dollskill

It was next used to describe girls in lower class status when they were working as maids and didn’t do the housework to the standards their boss would’ve liked. So really, we are implying girls who…

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By the Mighty Mumford

Christmas cards once sold in boxes,

Less expensive  and less prone to losses…

Few stores carry

These without query,

Those card making folk are financial foxes!

Instead of a card lately,

They’ll get fresh poetry…

My wife expects

Witty prospects,

To go in her file gently!

Romantic visions all are gone,

Unless one slips moving on…

A piece of me

Most folks won’t see,

I hope choices are rarely wrong!


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The Geek Casualty.

James Harringtons Creative Work

I’ve heard a lot of talk lately since Trump was elected about how ‘We’ve  won the war against the regressive left!’ How their party, the democrats, are now in shambles as the republicans now dominate the senate, house, White House, soon the Supreme Court… and the majority of the elected governors. In addition, the mainstream media has been ripped to shreds in many ways. CNN has been exposed for its bias and has almost completely fallen while the other networks are doing everything they can to remain relevant… and its not working.

This isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon either in Britain, Brexit turned out to be a major upset and a severe blow to the globalist movement, and their conservative party is looking pretty good from an outsider’s standpoint. Theresa May is becoming hugely popular and ‘in touch with ordinary people.
In France, Francois Fillon won his primary by a…

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Sanctuary for modern day Josephs and Marys… and your Wednesday Writing Prompt

Jamie Dedes' THE POET BY DAY Webzine

Nativity Scene courtesy of Jeff Weese under CC BY 2.0 license Nativity Scene courtesy of Jeff Weese under CC BY 2.0 license

“We Open Our Doors to Today’s Josephs and Marys Despite ICE’s Plan to Deport them.” a statement of the Faith community

With Christmas upon us and so many people on the move, escaping violence and civil unrest, many Christians look at the suffering of those refugees and remind themselves and one another that these are the Josephs and Marys of our modern world, the people who can’t “find a room at the inn.” In the United States, the battle to protect immigrants from deportation back to the violent environments they’ve come here to escape is lead by faith leaders – Christian, Jewish and Unitarian Universalists.

Although “sanctuary” has its roots in ancient Hebrew tradition and early Christianity, the movement in the United States, one that is both political and religious, began in the early 80s as a response to federal immigration policy. It…

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