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I’ve heard a lot of talk lately since Trump was elected about how ‘We’ve  won the war against the regressive left!’ How their party, the democrats, are now in shambles as the republicans now dominate the senate, house, White House, soon the Supreme Court… and the majority of the elected governors. In addition, the mainstream media has been ripped to shreds in many ways. CNN has been exposed for its bias and has almost completely fallen while the other networks are doing everything they can to remain relevant… and its not working.

This isn’t just a U.S. phenomenon either in Britain, Brexit turned out to be a major upset and a severe blow to the globalist movement, and their conservative party is looking pretty good from an outsider’s standpoint. Theresa May is becoming hugely popular and ‘in touch with ordinary people.
In France, Francois Fillon won his primary by a…

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