Haunted House Help!


Hi everyone and happy Thursday! So a little known fact to my readers because I don’t think that I ever shared this on my blog before is that my very first job was as an actor at a haunted house. I worked at the Carnival of Horrors at Blossom Music Center in Ohio for two years in a row and I have to say…it was an experience! I did all of my own makeup, drank an abundance of coffee, and stayed up past one o’clock in the morning Friday through Sunday scaring the general public. At the time, my fifteen and sixteen year old self thought that this was the coolest thing ever and I still feel that way now.

I love all things horror – the films, the serial killer documentaries, the literature, I just can’t get enough. My favorite thing is when my boyfriend and I have our…

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The worst President the USA has ever had!

Gerhart von Kap-herr


Donald Trump was confirmed as the new “elected President of the United States”, having defeated the former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, in a most vulgar, dishonest, and degrading election campaign the United States has ever witnessed. Countless times in his crummy campaigning, and with noted irony, Trump had the temerity to label his opponent as “crooked”.
The swindling, tax-evading, Twitter crazed, Donald Trump deprived millions of their savings and cheated banks out of further billions with his dozens of declarations of bankruptcy. It required a female judge to uncover his sham, the so-called Trump University, but even so, he has not paid a single penny in federal income tax and continues to withhold public information, no doubt until such time as he is able to enact regulations that will enable him to keep his dubious finances a secret as an executive privilege.
I felt physically ill as I watched…

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Trend Watching: 2016 Hop Production and the Rise of Citra

This Is Why I'm Drunk

hop bines

What better kind of “end of year” review than one related to hops, the national treasure of our beer loving country?

Another annual report was released this week, this time from the USDA, providing updated statistics that further show glimpses into our ongoing love affair with whatever will give our IPAs that “juicy” flavor everyone is seeking these days. While last year’s darling might have been Mosaic, there’s no question who the belle of the ball is this time around.

2016 appears to be Citra’s year.

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Cross China Road Trip 06: Gansu Province, Lanzhou. Driving Stress Maximum

Just Turn Left


An amazing giant silver butterfly! That’s the toll gate between Ningxia and Gansu. A huge wave of achievement and excitement rolls through me as I pass.

The outskirts of the capital of Lanzhou is a dirty mixture of grey brickwork one the way in but it doesn’t dampen my expectations of what it’s going to be like to finally be there. I’ve always assumed that Lanzhou consists of waterways lined with willow trees while locals take it easy in the warm evening air but as per usual my hopes are quickly dashed.

The way on is across the river though the bridge is already virtually static with Saturday rush hour traffic. It curves round to the right forming three lanes you are unable to move out of. Unable to escape, I’m forced to take the Land Cruiser smack bang into the centre of town. Not quite the vehicle of choice…

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