NFL Week 7: Tips and Fantasy Picks


nfl week 7.png


JGood (Green) 

15 New England
14 Cincinnati
13 Minnesota
12 Denver
11 Atlanta
10 Kansas City
9 Green Bay
8 Oakland
7 New York Giants
6 Tampa Bay
5 Tennessee
4 Baltimore
3 Buffalo
2 Washington
1 Arizona

D.Reed (Blue)

15 Green Bay
14 Cincinnati
13 Denver
12 New England
11 Baltimore
10 Buffalo
9 Atlanta
8 Oakland
7 New York Giants
6 Kansas City
5 Arizona
4 Minnesota
3 San Francisco
2 Detroit
1 Indianapolis

Week 6 Points and Results
JGood: 78 pts (9-6) record; Overall: 394 pts (45-47)
D.Reed: 51 pts (7-7) record;  Overall: 455 pts (52-39)

HOT OR NOT 🔥❄️ (D.Reed)

What’s Hot🔥
Andy Dalton (Cleveland @ Cincinnati)
Dalton gets a golden matchup in week 7 against a Cleveland Browns defense, allowing 16 touchdown passes in their first 6 games!! In the two games against the Browns last season, Dalton was phenomenal, scoring 27 points in both meetings!! Andy Dalton may be set up to have his best statistical game of the year by far!!! Lock Dalton in for…

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Upgrade for America’s Busiest Rail Lines Depends on Trump Administration

A U.S. agency on Friday endorsed an expensive plan to expand and repair the busy U.S. Northeast Corridor rail lines over the next three decades, adding new tracks in most locations and cutting the time to travel from Washington to New York by 35 minutes.

But it will be up to the incoming Donald Trump administration and Congress, states, cities, and railroads to decide whether to move forward with expensive improvements. New projects and tracks will require more review and more environmental studies, as well as significant funding.

Trump has promised to spend billions of dollars on improvements in U.S. infrastructure such as highways, bridges, and mass transit.

The U.S. Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) on Friday recommended adding new tracks to increase the Northeast Corridor to four tracks in most locations — an expansion it says it would result in four billion fewer miles a year traveled on U.S. roads.

The FRA also proposes adding many regional trains and providing up to five times more intercity trains.

It estimates the plan’s total cost at $123 billion to $128 billion.

In 2012, at the urging of Congress, Northeastern states and the federal agency began working together to develop a plan for the corridor.

Under the proposal, the agency said, travel time from Boston to New York would be 45 minutes faster for a total time of two hours and 45 minutes, while travel from New York to Washington would be 35 minutes faster for a total time of two hours and 10 minutes.

About 750,000 people a day ride along some section of the 457-mile (735-km) corridor, making them the busiest rail lines in the United States, while 70 freight trains use the corridor daily, moving over 350,000 carloads of freight annually.

Amtrak’s high-speed Acela passenger train plies the Northeast Corridor from Boston to Washington, but currently cannot hit top speeds on many sections of the railroad because of the condition of the tracks.

The FRA also proposes adding intercity access to Philadelphia Airport so that passengers do not have to change trains at 30th Street Station and adding direct service to Hartford, Connecticut, and Springfield, Massachusetts.

The agency also proposes bringing the current corridor back to good condition before expanding it. The FRA estimates the project would create 47,000 jobs a year for 30 years.

where the leaves fall

A Blog for Humans

leaf on the tree

made brittle by scorching summer
browned in July
fallen in August
stomped in September
decomposed in October
I met the girl in November

on top of the wet leaves
we kissed in December
and the leaf trembled again

not from the wind
not from the cold
but from her nervous hands
and my thumping heart

and when I walked away
down the lonely path
I thought to myself
I want the world to tremble again
as we kiss
under the maple tree
where the leaves fall

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