Human Potential : Wholeness

Minal Dalal Co-Creator


Wholeness. Living as a whole. Knowing every facet of yours, accepting it, bringing them all to a center point and living from that center point is what I call as Whole living or Wholeness. Your intrinsic facets like Mind, Body, Intellect, Spirit, Values, Intentions. Your body as your instrument and your exterior facets like social, economical, environmental facets as well as your reach.

What happens to most of the lives at most of the times? We live in fragments. We consider few aspects and leave unattended rest. In hurry, in chaos, in stark competition, in struggle and stress we do fail to give enough attention. Here is the reason of we not reaching far. It is not about being Buddha or being a Sadhaka to live a life, it’s about living it fully, all chords connected and rightly stretched to bring out the Music. The music of Soul, which can…

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