The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett

The Critiquing Chemist

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Rate : 4/5
Medium : Kindle
Overview (No Spoilers):

My friend Cory has been encouraging me for months to pick up the Demon Cycle series. We even made a deal, he reads Queen of the Tearling and I pick up The Warded Man, however I kept delaying holding up my end of the bargain. With the holiday season in full swing and an open day ahead of me I finally picked up The Warded Man and finished it on one sitting! Brett created a fascinating world that immediately draws the reader in and immerses them into a realm where a variety of demons terrorize the night. The humans are overwhelmingly helpless to their lot in life as they have no weapons to fight back against the demons, only holding them at bay with a series of Wards. Much of this book is set up to explain the basics of…

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