I Pooped!!

Dinata Misovec

And I am prouder than a two-year-old with a purple hippopotamus potty chair!!  Things have been back to (fairly) normal for several days now.  So, I am going to officially declare myself OVER, and I mean really over, Clostridium Difficile.  It’s been six yucky months.  I hope I never, ever make another blog post about poop.

On a less happy note.  I still have not gotten any books.  We left Wisconsin to come here to be close to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, ready to promote the books to anyone who might sell them.  Hugo House Publishers have let me down again.  No books in April. Still no books in October. I have missed the prime year to sell a book about a national park, with 2016 being the 100th anniversary of the national parks.  But, I guess Big Creek will still be there next year.

We have given up…

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