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Essential Balance

I prayed to God some days ago, telling him I’m frustrated and tired. I’m tense, stressed and not happy AND I don’t know why. I cried 😭 out to God – HELP ME PLEASE!!!

For Days I have this feeling and thought………. that I really don’t like myself anymore. I don’t like who I am becoming 😔

AND yesterday again I prayed – God change me please, something is not right. Is it my attitude God??? I need your help, I can’t do this on my own.

AND then today I get a NO ROMY it’s not your attitude – it’s your FIGHTINGTUDE!!! ( made up word 😬) and you know what??? After hearing God tell me that I’m always in fighting and defending mode, I felt relieved. YES it was like – heavy weights were removed from my shoulders.

I thought about those words and the examples Jesus brought…

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Our Broken Constitution – The New Yorker

America On Coffee

If there is a single point of consensus in this heated political moment, it’s that everyone loves the Constitution. “Conservative or liberal, we are all constitutionalists,” Barack Obama wrote, in “The Audacity of Hope.” Ted Cruz, the junior senator from Texas, who emerged as a principal antagonist of the President’s during the government shutdown, has often said much the same thing. The Founding Fathers, Cruz said, “fought and bled for freedom and then crafted the most miraculous political document ever conceived, our Constitution.”

These homages are more than rhetorical tropes. Most politicians consider the validity of the Constitution off limits as a subject for debate. The Constitution, and the structure of government that it established, provides the backdrop, but never the subject, for every controversy. Obama, who taught constitutional law for more than a decade at the University of Chicago Law School, wrote, “The outlines of Madison’s constitutional architecture are…

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Clinton is going to start World War III next year



So where does Trump get off? Doesn’t he know World War III started on 9/11/2001 on George W Bush’s watch? Or did he just choose to dismiss the war on terror (which has the entire planet taking sides) as another small conflict like Vietnam? If the world is at war with each other isn’t that a World War by definition? Maybe Barack Obama was the POTUS when Osama Bin Laden was executed for crimes against humanity (war crimes by any other definition) but the war is still proceeding.

World War III my dear Trumpster, started 15 years ago and is still not finished yet.

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