Hands up ✋, Boxing Gloves on

Essential Balance

I prayed to God some days ago, telling him I’m frustrated and tired. I’m tense, stressed and not happy AND I don’t know why. I cried 😭 out to God – HELP ME PLEASE!!!

For Days I have this feeling and thought………. that I really don’t like myself anymore. I don’t like who I am becoming 😔

AND yesterday again I prayed – God change me please, something is not right. Is it my attitude God??? I need your help, I can’t do this on my own.

AND then today I get a NO ROMY it’s not your attitude – it’s your FIGHTINGTUDE!!! ( made up word 😬) and you know what??? After hearing God tell me that I’m always in fighting and defending mode, I felt relieved. YES it was like – heavy weights were removed from my shoulders.

I thought about those words and the examples Jesus brought…

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