Body Positivity Or Promoting Obesity?

Hi guys,

So there has been A LOT of talk about body image for the past couple years. Many have tried to promote body positivity, a memorable example would be the song “All About the Bass”by Megan Trainor. But on every post, article or video attempting to show even a morsel of body positivity, whether its encouraging plus size women to wear bikini’s or urging more brands to have bigger sizes  available, there is also a counter argument.


This is that obesity, whether you like it or not, is unhealthy and the world in general is going through an obesity crisis that must be stopped.

The question is who is right? Are any of these opinions the correct way of tackling the obesity problem?

As someone who has been very thin and also obese, I understand the mindset and the issues people face when it comes to weight. A lot…

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