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By the Mighty Mumford

Most TV preachers agree,

That diverse tongues ought to be…

Many speak

With the Spirit unique,

But are they always to be?

Some church insist you must,

Before in your salvation they’ll trust…

Others side step

The issue as kept,

In a cabinet collecting dust.

In the Spirit I’ve been filled,

I assume as God willed…

Joy overflowing

(No tongues showing),

Am I seen by you as rebel-willed?

–Jonathan Caswell

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Trump won. Now what??

Emily Talmage Blog

Several weeks ago, I wondered in a blog post whether or not public education would survive the next administration.

Admittedly, I was all but certain at the time that Hillary Clinton would be our next president, and my predictions were more than dismal: more screen time for even our youngest children, inflated local budgets, invasive school-wide and individual data collection, a proliferation of low-quality online K-12 and higher education programs, etc.

Ever since the big shock of Tuesday night, however, I’ve been scrambling to say something coherent about what we can expect now that Donald Trump really is going to be our next president.

Will public education survive?


Here’s the funny (and by that I mean incredibly scary) thing about federal public education policy: the big agenda – the real agenda – seems to survive no matter who is put in charge.

The real agenda – the ongoing march…

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Why Guns N’ Roses Have Stood the Test of Time


I think we can all admit a good percent of 1980s music has not dated well. At all. When looking back at the decade, one can see a clear distinction between the mainstream and the underground, definitely more than in any previous decades. On one side, you’ve got your army of Van Halens, Bon Jovis and Journeys, armed with polish, catchiness and commercial appeal. Standing in opposition are your Pixies, Sonic Youths and Dead Kennedys and their raw, noisy, uncompromising approach. Of course, there are alternative bands who had hits, just as there are mainstream ones who started out on the other side. But for the sake of making a point I’ll go with this over-simplification and state that I personally will always be more of a fan of the second camp.

In fact, it was exactly those alternative bands that convinced me that there was more…

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