Why Guns N’ Roses Have Stood the Test of Time

Tangled Up In Music

I think we can all admit a good percent of 1980s music has not dated well. At all. When looking back at the decade, one can see a clear distinction between the mainstream and the underground, definitely more than in any previous decades. On one side, you’ve got your army of Van Halens, Bon Jovis and Journeys, armed with polish, catchiness and commercial appeal. Standing in opposition are your Pixies, Sonic Youths and Dead Kennedys and their raw, noisy, uncompromising approach. Of course, there are alternative bands who had hits, just as there are mainstream ones who started out on the other side. But for the sake of making a point I’ll go with this over-simplification and state that I personally will always be more of a fan of the second camp.

In fact, it was exactly those alternative bands that convinced me that there was more…

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