Magdalen College, Oxford, England

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Magdalen College, Oxford, England

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Online files available at the John F. Kennedy Museum and Library include folders full of correspondence between the office of President Kennedy’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, and “individuals and organizations both known and unknown to the President.”

The folder for 1961 holds a packet of information from Maryland Realtor Jeane L. Dixon. Inside the packet are a set of listing details and aerial photographs advertising noted businessman and philanthropist John J. Raskob’s former Eastern Shore waterfront estate, Pioneer Point Farm.

Also in that file is a telegram from Angie Dickinson.


It appears JFK passed.

On the real estate.

With the intent of constructing a research laboratory, a company known as the United Nuclear Corporation purchased Pioneer Point in 1969. Local businessmen were thrilled, but neighbors and conservationists were “horrified,” according to Wye Island: Insiders, Outsiders and Resistance to Change, Boyd Gibbons’ classic book about a rural community (specifically this…

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Listen To Your Heart

Rebekka Lien


I grew up going to church, Baptist to be precise. About 12 years old I encountered God in a divine, weeping way, I experienced unconditional love from the depths of my heart. My journey though had begun when I was young…in those wee hours where I was home alone and afraid of the dark. Somehow I knew that the Devil was as real as the darkness and as a 5 year old, I prayed desperately for God to save me from the hollow fear.

Since I had lots of time of solitude, growing up with a busy working single mom and lots of time alone, I developed an inner life that was rich and real. I was drawn to the holy spirit and basically “following my intuition”. I would tell stories about being led to talk to homeless people, miracles, hearing God- this was strange for a very legalistic baptist…

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Superhuman juice 


Cholesterol affects 73 million adults in the United States. High Cholesterol is the major cause of heart disease leading to strokes and heart attacks. My mother has always been an active mom and her eating habits were alright. So it was pretty shocking for us because growing up she was strict about not eating out and even drinking a cup of soda. I grew up always eating at home and drinking either fresh fruit water and regular water. So we come to find out that high cholesterol can affect you weather you are regular weight or overweight. Once my mom found out she knew she had to change the whole family diet. But there is one thing that caught my eyes growing up in a Latin household many moms believe in certain juices, teas, and herbs that are believe to make you well. So I do recall her providing us…

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The Renaissances

Luke Atkins

The Renaissance drenched the roots of a dull Feudal Europe with magic and let it blossom into the most beautifulflower Earthhad ever seen. It was man’s Yellowstone, a colossal cultural explosion that stormed the lands for thousands of miles. It catapultedart, science, literature, architecture, and philosophy far beyond their perceived boundaries. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael—three dynamic polymaths whose aggregated effect on mankind boils every century—fought to be the most perfectgenius ever. Machiavelli and Thomas More resurrected Greek Thinkers, using their ideas to critique present governments. Intellectuals gradually composed modern science. Accounting was invented, and knowledge-based economics flourished. Brunelleschi—another of the many polymaths—created his Duomo.Columbus sailed West. Education poured into the masses. The Gutenberg Press started mass communication, AKA what I do.The Renaissance has stirred the world in every second of the last 600 years—especially throughout 2016.

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0225. Pictured at Kauai’s northern tip, I have really soaked up…

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