The Devil Wears Prada – Streep and Hathaway A Dream Team

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You might ask yourself what is a middle-aged dork like me watching a movie about the fashion industry….well there is a lot to like. Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway and Stanley Tucci are quite exquisite in this movie about a fictitious fashion magazine editor/publisher which is loosely based on the real-life Anna Wintour. I think the fashion industry is a thing that we see on the cover of Vogue, Cosmo and on blogs here and there. This movie puts a human face on it but also tells the story of how competitive and cut-throat it can be. I see things like clothes, shoes, makeup and other accessories from how the women in my life consume and use them to make their lives better. For many fashion is a passion and is their lives. “The Devil Wears Prada” is a great movie and its accessible to men if they want it to…

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Buying something silly

Art of Glamour

How cute are my new polar bear earrings?  Yes so they aren’t Cartier, they’re from a local Christmas gift fair and cost all of £4.50!  Ok so I did feel a little silly elbowing my way to the front of the queue, bypassing little girls to purchase my modelling clay tiny polar bear earrings, but who cares?  I’m not going to be wearing them to some swanky party or debutant ball now am I?  I’ll be wearing them on Christmas Day, feeling immensely proud of my little bargain!

Every now now and again, forget your age, buy something silly that makes you smile!

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