Logic of Life v/s Logic of Humans

Minal Dalal


We Humans understand the language of logic and science so today let us talk logic and science. Logic which is constant, equal, all pervasive and established unchallenged. And Logic is which is derived, selfish, limited and challengable.

The Logic which is constant and established is a LOGIC OF LIFE. We can call it as Truth, at the very core of all life. Life means a space for all to live, space for all to grow, space for all to participate and contribute. And the LOGIC OF HUMANS is restricted to self growth or for few more, periodic, variable.

Life has his own set of rules or science of logic which plays as thumb rule all throughout, equally abiding to all, at all of the times, all over. The way we take care of ourselves, our few near and dear ones, few more for some, and many for few more…Life takes…

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