Rumor Central: What Can We Learn from Brewery Buyouts?

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Who doesn’t love a good rumor?

In our youth, school hallways were full of speculation of stolen kisses and scandalous breakups. As adults, our attention may be taken by tabloid magazines at the grocery store, but we refocus on what impacts our lives and interests, seeking out insight into the next plotlines and twists that will enliven the news of the day.

In recent years, beer lovers have followed this cycle with glee and horror as investments and brewery sales have become a regular part of the industry. Along the way, hearts are broken and curious minds churn, wondering what’s next for these businesses.

But there’s also the question of “who’s next?”

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House And Shop Gates Against Ransomware

The Arts Mechanical

This is a post series on cyber crime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

When you lived or ran a shop in NYC back in the days before the Guiliani  administration you had to take special measures to protect your home or business.  You put multiple lock on the doors and you put steel grates or panels over the windows and doors of you business.  All because nobody was enforcing the laws back then.

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An interview with… Elsabé Brits


an-interview-with-elsabe-brits-hairy-armpits-elsabeElsabé Brits. Source: bloemfonteincourant

Author, humanitarian, supporter of #peace, I am delighted to welcome Elsabé Brits to the halls of Hairy Armpits interviews.

Her book, Emily Hobhouse: Beloved Traitor, released earlier this year, is about an inspirational lady who went against the grain of war and stood up for her pacifist beliefs.

I stopped by to ask her a few questions about the book, how she thinks peace can be brought about, and why sharing Emily’s story has been so important to her:

So, tell me about your book?

The book is now out, in print available in South Africa and world wide as an ebook. It is called: Emily Hobhouse: Beloved Traitor about a pacifist and campaigner for human rights. It is a fresh, nuanced look at an extraordinary woman and her lifelong fight for justice.

international-women-of-congress-pacifistsEmily Hobhouse and the first international Congress of Women on the peace ship…

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