High Street Deli


I’m about to celebrate three years (WOOO!) here on the central coast. High Street Deli was the very first place I visited in SLO to eat, on the first day I officially moved to SLO. High Street Deli was HIGHLY recommended by Ricky (my brother-in-law). My sister and I went there for lunch, and to this day I remember how friendly, and helpful the gal at the counter was to us when we went there. “We just moved here from Minnesota, we are sooo excited!” It was a stellar first impression of the restaurant, and the food was delicious too!

Here I am enjoying lunch on December 1st, 2013 at High Street Deli.1460030_10152089689371122_647741408_n

Fast forward three years later, and conveniently I live only a few blocks from High Street Deli, so it’s kind of become my favorite “easy” spot to visit. I most often visit for breakfast, as breakfast is…

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