Why Road To Ruin Is The Best Ramones Album



Were I one of those people who dislikes this album, I would start the review with the witty observation that its title was kind of prophetic. That the Ramones shifting their sound towards a more pop territory did indeed begin the ruination of their career. That by adding ballads, acoustic guitars, solos and overdubs they lost the trademark punk sound of the previous 3 albums we all know and love. But I am not, and quite the contrary, I am going to make a case for Road to Ruin in fact being the band’s quintessential album.

What, more quintessential than the self-titled debut and Rocket to Russia you’re gonna ask? Well, don’t get me wrong. I love those two albums dearly as well as Leave Home. They’re historical milestones in the development of punk rock that no fan of the genre should be able to live without; and at the…

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Cheetah ~

Maverick Mist


The Ultimate Ambition in the Arts of Erudition
By Shihab Al-Din Al-Nuwayri (excerpt)

Aristotle said: “A cheetah is a cross between a lion and a panthress, or a panther and a lioness.” It is said that if a cheetah has a difficult pregnancy, any male cheetah that sees her will take care of her and share the fruits of his hunt. When she is ready to give birth, she secludes herself in a place that she has prepared and remains there until she teaches her young how to hunt. The cheetah is proverbial for its sleepiness.

Al-Jahiz said, quoting Aristotle: “If a cheetah is afflicted with the disease known as cheetah-strangler, it may eat some dung and thereby be cured.” And they say that there is no animal the size of a cheetah that falls so heavily and shatteringly upon the back of its prey. The females are more refractory…

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