Phil Parisot \ Lingo

Jazz You Too

Phil Parisot: drums, cymbals, gong, shaker;

Steve Treseler: tenor and soprano saxophones;

Dan Kramlich: piano & fender rhodes;

Michael Glynn: acoustic bass



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DIY-Moss Covered Monograms

The Critiquing Chemist


When attending a friend’s wedding I loved the moss monograms that she had placed at her sweetheart table. I was shocked to find out Jayda had made the moss letters herself because they looked store purchased, moreover, that they were incredibly easy to make. After her blessing, I was excited to take my own twist on her idea. While writing this post, I did a quick Google search and found a wonderful DIY at Catch my Party, in which Jillian has almost the exact same instructions as this post, however with a few handy deviations. Additionally, she has awesome step-by-step images throughout the tutorial! If you’re a visual person, I would highly recommending checking out her DIY.

Project Level: Easy

Time Commitment: Approximately 1 hour total for two letters and one ampersand. (As long as you don’t mess up like I did: See Step 3)

Cost: Approximately…

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Soldiers are human, too



Soldier and boy. Source: wow amazing

This is a post I thought I would do as most soldiers and the general population are encouraged to see other soldiers through the lens of enemy images.

This is why the press will call the ‘other guy’ names, and will make them seem less than human. This way, when we are riled up enough and scared enough of them, so then (in theory),  it’s ok if we kill these people who are: just, like, us.

So, in response to the dehumanising messages – this is the other side of war.

The cute side.

soldiers-are-humans-too-hairy-armpits-kitten-awwwSoldier and kitten. Source: boredpanda

Soldiers like kittens…

soldiers-are-humans-too-so-cute-hairy-armpitsSoldier and kitten. Source: boredpanda

soldiers-are-humans-too-hairy-armpits-kittenSoldier and kitten. Source: whyzat

And dogs…

soldiers-are-human-too-hairy-armpits-ukranian-soldier-redditUkranian Soldier and his pup. Source: reddit

soldiers-are-human-too-hairy-armpits-marines-puppy-earth-pormPuppy with marines. Source: officialhuskylovers

They care for children…

soldiers-are-humans-too-hairy-armpits-man-with-childSoldier with child. Source: Pinterest

so-cute-pinterestMaking the girls laugh. Source: pinterest

sweet-picture-soldier-and-children-press-examinerLet’s be friends. Source:…

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My answers to commonly asked interview questions.

White Padded Room

I get so tired of interview questions. They are all the same, and I never know what the right answer is supposed to be. If the stars align correctly I might be searching for a job in the near future. IF my new doctor puts me on cocaine or something like that. Below are the following answers I’d like to just blurt out. Oh, I’d love to wear sweats and slippers to an interview. They want to know the real me, don’t they? Why don’t they bloody come to my house and interview me?

Tell me about yourself.

My hair grows and sometimes gets caught in the drain. I have to fish it out with a designated pair of tweezers sometimes. I never learned how to fish, but I can operate a gasoline-powered push lawnmower. I did this once a week for three hours straight for no pay. For many…

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