DIY-Moss Covered Monograms

The Critiquing Chemist


When attending a friend’s wedding I loved the moss monograms that she had placed at her sweetheart table. I was shocked to find out Jayda had made the moss letters herself because they looked store purchased, moreover, that they were incredibly easy to make. After her blessing, I was excited to take my own twist on her idea. While writing this post, I did a quick Google search and found a wonderful DIY at Catch my Party, in which Jillian has almost the exact same instructions as this post, however with a few handy deviations. Additionally, she has awesome step-by-step images throughout the tutorial! If you’re a visual person, I would highly recommending checking out her DIY.

Project Level: Easy

Time Commitment: Approximately 1 hour total for two letters and one ampersand. (As long as you don’t mess up like I did: See Step 3)

Cost: Approximately…

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