Hey! Quit Calling Me Ma’am or Señora!

Life of an El Paso Woman

wp-1485103952574.jpgHi everyone! Since I turned 35 in September, I’ve noticed that I’ve been called ma’am or señora almost everywhere I go. OK, I realize I’m not 25 anymore but what the hell? Is 35 the age when you officially start getting called ma’am at the gym, grocery store, Starbucks and almost everywhere else you go? I realize it’s the polite thing to say but I don’t think I’m ready to hear it yet. Come on kids and people, give me another five years! I cringe whenever the 20-year-old at the gym’s front counter says, “Hi ma’am how are you doing today?” when I walk in. Can’t you just say good morning or hello without calling me ma’am? I walk in there in a good mood but end up pissed off before my workout. This isn’t a bad thing because I end up riding my bike faster and get a better workout. Maybe next time I…

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