Examining the Value of ‘Best’ Beer

This Is Why I'm Drunk


As we close in on the end of the year, it means we’re soon to be swamped with a variety of “best of” lists. This website is no different … although a little.

In the last two years, I’ve created my own unscientific, objective-as-possible best beer lists analyzing the compiled efforts of others scattered across the internet. You can still read 2014 and 2015 results to find out which “best” beers you might’ve missed.

With my attention shifting in that direction in recent weeks, I’ve decided to get a head start in another corner of “best,” taking a look at ratings, style and rarity. As we’ve seen in the past, all threeseem to be linked, and I’ve turned to two popular beer rating websites to gain a better understanding. First up: Beer Advocate. (You can read an analysis of BeerGraphs data here.)

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Just The Week In Ransomware

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This is a post series on cyber crime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

Just the week in ransomware this week.  I’ve been working on a post about cryptography but haven’t been able to get out and pull some resources from the library.  There are also no big changes anyway except more of the pernicious malware.  I may actually have to talk to some friends about actually doing some of the ideas I had last week.


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