Perspectives on Life, the Universe and Everything

You say:
They don’t really
care about us
(or was it MJ)
Humanity keeps
its poor in cages,
Favelas, in slums
No water to drink
No fire to burn
even our sorrow
No hope for tomorrow
Rich becomes richer
Poverty more intense
Life worse than your dogs
without essence

They say:
We are trying to help
To get you out
of living hell
To make you understand
To make you human
You have to contribute
You have to work hard
No amount of our help
Will make you smart
However we help
It will fall apart
So drop your begging bowl
Change your living ways
Come and help us
To make this earth
a better place
The fire will come
The water will run
Life less hurting
Some shining sun

I look at this paradox
These contrasting views
My nomadic life
offer nothing of use
Unable to join
any of…

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September 1944 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

Moro tai, 15 September 1944 Morotai, 15 September 1944

Adm. Mitscher’s TF-38 bombings of Clark and Nichols airfields on Luzon, P.I., mowed down enemy bases.  More than 200 planes were destroyed and the shipping in Manila Bay was ravaged.  No Japanese aircraft reached the fleet, but 15 US aircraft were lost during the operation.

15 September – US troops landed at Morotai in the Netherlands East Indies.  They were met by only light resistance despite its location at the entrance of the Celebes Sea off the southern coast of the Philippine Islands.

16 September – the Japanese escort carrier Unyo [“A Hawk in the Clouds”] was sunk in the South China Sea by the US submarine Barb.  Although no US surface ships were in the area, the submarine service were causing havoc with the Japanese supply convoys between the N.E. I. and the southeastern Asian enemy forces.

Peleiu, 1944 Peleiu, 1944

On Peleliu. most of the…

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The Bad Things – Mary-Jane Riley

Cleopatra Loves Books

Crime Fiction 5*s Crime Fiction

A story with two threads, both successfully executed is the stuff that makes this crime fiction lover’s heart sing. Mary-Jane Riley pulled off both complex story-lines so well that I was frequently incredibly reluctant to part with my kindle, I just had to know how things played out. And yet this was a book that snuck up on me, not that it started badly, far from it, but the more I turned the pages, the more immersed in the story I became, as the plot wound tighter and tighter, and would not let me go!

Alex Devlin is a reporter, she submits pieces to magazines, using whatever inspiration she can find. Fifteen years before Alex’s sister Sasha’s twins, Harry and Millie Clements went missing. Although Harry’s body was found a few days later, no trace of Millie was ever found. Two people were convicted for their murder…

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