October 1944 (4)

Pacific Paratrooper

USS Samuel B. Roberts USS Samuel B. Roberts (DE-413)

Halsey was battling Ozawa’s Decoy Force at Cape Engaño where the last surviving Japanese ship from the Pearl Harbor attacks, IJN Zuikaku was ablaze and abandoned.  The Chitose was dead in the water.  Commander Hathaway’s USS Heerman was badly damaged, along with the Hoel, Johnston and Samuel B. Roberts.

IJN Chikuma IJN Chikuma

When Halsey retreated south, the remaining ships had planes out that proceeded to hit the IJN Chikuma and Chokai before they too retreated.  The Zuikaku sank and hour later the Zuiha succumbed, followed by the Chiyoda.

In less than 7 hours ____

At 0750, escort carrier GAMBIER BAY, dead in water, is continually hit by 8-inch shells, set afire and floods.

IJN Chokai IJN Chokai

At 0805, CruDiv 4’s CHOKAI, hit and set afire by numerous bombs from KITKUN BAY’s aircraft, goes dead in the water. At 0807, GAMBIER BAY, capsizes and sinks.

At 0814, Vice…

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100% hand made card 

Minion Head with a human brain

Yesterday I was going through all the gifts and cards that I have received this year.No, could.I  don’t get fancy presents on regular basis.I could.Well, who doesn’t Haha!! But yes since this year is about to end I wanted to take a sneak peek into the past and have a look at them.

One such gift (card to be precise)caught my attention was this beautiful card gifted to me on my bday this year by my didi many many months back.

Here in India usually we don’t refer our elder siblings/cousins/neighbors with their first names.This is taught in almost all the Indian households since a child is born literally.Many little siblings do not care to listen hence address one another with their first names or all sorts of stupid names on earth and then there are siblings like me who follow their parent’s guidelines thoroughly and address them with didi/…

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Why Trump’s Attack on a California Railroad Should Trouble You

CHANCES ARE, YOU ignore the federal budgetary process. If the esoteric language and shifting deadlines don’t drive you away, the decades-long timelines and internecine politics will. So it’s understandable you didn’t dig up the details when, last week, the Wired MagazineFederal Transit Administration delayed a $637 million grant for Caltrain, the San Francisco Bay Area’s commuter rail system.
You should have, even if you’re not one of Caltrain’s 60,200 daily riders, or don’t live in the region, or even the state. By delaying this particular grant—which would electrify Caltrain’s rails, so trains can ditch diesel—the Trump Administration didn’t just deal a temporary blow to the health and economy of the Bay Area. It may have launched the opening salvo in what could be a war against public transit, with national consequences.

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Manual mode or Autopilot mode

Extracting Value

How often do we :

  • Action  without thinking  and no rationalization behind our actions ?
  • Gct on something without thinking then we regret our decision ?
  • Get home from work and we simply switch off ( going on autopilot ) and do things without logic  ?
  • Find ourselves that time is flying away like crazy and we feel like we haven’t done anything ?

If you found yourself answering yes  or  often  to any of these questions then this is a good time to work on it  .

The autopilot mode prohibits evolution and  promotes comfort , the ordinary or instant gratification . Routine and food  , media  are the main influences for you to fall into autopilot .

There are millions of people in this planet who believe this is a normal state of mind and do not fight to get out of it . Switching to manual implies…

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Ready for 2017 


This new year I’m moving into a brand new apartment building.

My daughter turns 20 feb

My youngest turns 17 in june

My cuz having twins due May

My daughter’s will stay with me for a whole month in June

My 39th bday in July

So got a lot to look forward to and so many unknowns and where my journey will take me.

Always Stay Postive never Negivtie thoughts. Stay Safe , Stay brave.

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