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James Harringtons Creative Work

In English, this song is called ‘The Call of the Mountains’ however the English version, which has a music video I will post below is NOT the version on my playlist:

Wise men have said that you haven’t heard a song until you’ve heard it in the band’s native tongue. Honestly… yeah… truer words have never been spoken. Even if you don’t speak the language, the vocals just seem to mesh a lot better with the music…

Or maybe it’s just that I find the Swiss language absolutely beautiful… or even more so the whole culture of the old Swiss-Scandinavian area some of the most interesting ever, as should any High Fantasy-loving geek.

Anyway… as promised…

Ugh… I mean its not bad. It sounds nice, but the original (I think it’s the original anyway) is far superior. I’d recommend adding that to a playlist.

When to listen: Call of the…

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A Reluctant Adult

A Generous Helping

I remember TV reports of Tickle-Me-Elmo madness – people pushing and screaming to get their hands on the last available toy that their child must have and I promised myself I would NEVER go out there on Black Friday. I hate shopping, so the thought of fighting for a doorbuster deal makes me want to pound a 10-penny nail into my head. Yet this year, that is just what I did. I entered the fray on Black Friday… and it nearly killed me.


It wasn’t for the latest drone, a gaming console, or a 4k TV. No, I went to Target to exchange a faulty phone procured on Tuesday because I learned that like taking a direct glare from Medusa, a millennial will actually turn to stone if they are without a phone for 48 hours.

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