My Latest Train Adventure To Los Angeles and San Bernardino


By Noel T. Braymer

Lately I just haven’t had the energy to get up by 6:00 AM to catch the last morning Metrolink train out of Oceanside. So I decided to spurge and take a late morning Surflner to Los Angeles and connect there with Metrolink to San Bernardino. One thing about buying a ticket from an agent is it seems to go faster than using a ticket machine. There is also less anxiety about missing your train waiting to get your ticket. When my Surfliner arrived the odd thing was the train crew only opened one door on the train out of 6 cars, even though most cars have 2 sets of doors on each side of the cars. Also Amtrak police were onboard with police dogs going through the train. I’m not sure why they only opened one door to one car, my guess is that was the…

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Flash Movie Review: Manchester by the Sea


FOR many people only fond memories resurface when they travel back to their old neighborhood. The discount store that had the best penny candies, the shoe store with the jovial shoe clerk who told the best stories, the house where one’s best friend lived; there could be many places that bring a smile to one’s face. But not everyone may have a similar experience when they go back home. There are some people who tentatively traverse the streets that are fraught with landmines of dark emotions.   RECENTLY I had to travel back to my old neighborhood, the place where I grew up. The street I lived on looked the same except several houses on the block were painted in different colors. The tree in the alley next to my home, where I would climb up to hide, was no longer there; it was replaced with recently poured concrete to add…

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