Destiny: Divinity’s Finale

James Harringtons Creative Work

Hello all,

Since starting work on Soul Siphon, I’ve been unable to decide whether I wanted to green light the third and final installment of the Divinity Saga. An adventure/romance fantasy story called ‘Destiny.’

This story takes place years after the events of the first two novels. In any case, instead of putting it to publishing, I’m submitting it to all of you in it’s raw form. If you like it and think I should publish it, PLEASE let me know. I have my email listed at the bottom of each chapter, so please let me know.  There is still a lot of work that would need to go into it, but this is the basic story. Please note, it will be posted over the span of a few weeks, given the massive size of the file!

Thanks friends, appreciate your feedback,



A Novel by James Harrington


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Who Opposes Rail Passenger Service?


By Noel T. Braymer

An annoyance of supporting improved Rail Passenger service are the critics who will do and say anything to try to kill rail projects. Quite often what these critics claims are not supported by reality. Yet these opponents seem to get plenty of attention from the media. So who are these folks? Why are they so against better rail service and alternatives to jammed roads, crowded airports and faster and more relaxing travel. Or for that matter the economic development that comes with improved rail passenger service? Lets look at the usual suspects.

1). NIMBY’s

Nimby’s or Not In My Back Yard. People will often tell the press that they are not opposed to rail passenger service, they just don’t want it near to where they live. It is not so much that they are opposed to rail service, as they are opposed to any changes in…

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Reymon de Real Photography

The Museum of Fine Arts in Granada, Spain is housed inside the Carlos V Palace right beside the Alhambra, which was the main destination of my tour. The museum houses famous artworks such as The Allegory of Death by P. Toma and a painting of St. Francis of Assisi, which were both created during the 17th century. The photograph above was taken at the round courtyard of this Renaissance building using the pano mode of my iPhone 7 plus. I was initially planning to capture the entire courtyard and its columns but at the last minute decided to capture only a section and included the hallways for a better perspective.

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My version of Love and Life

Minal Dalal


Love is like a meditation
Once you go focal
Nothing else matters
It is so profound and complete
Within itself
You need nothing
You have several ways
to meditate just on one point
And need no several points
to reach for meditation
Once you are in
It is self reveling
So deep and rich source
That opens it all.

You have known you have tasted
You have touched all its chords
Then why would you need to go here and there
With a feeling unfulfilled…
Those who need many
Are incomplete within themselves
That’s what it reveals.

Love but one
So fully so deeply so wholly
That you need nothing else to uplift…

May it be form may it be formless
May it ask for complete experience
May it ask for none
Just to experience it within
Having no other need to fulfill…

It is the…

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