My version of Love and Life

Minal Dalal


Love is like a meditation
Once you go focal
Nothing else matters
It is so profound and complete
Within itself
You need nothing
You have several ways
to meditate just on one point
And need no several points
to reach for meditation
Once you are in
It is self reveling
So deep and rich source
That opens it all.

You have known you have tasted
You have touched all its chords
Then why would you need to go here and there
With a feeling unfulfilled…
Those who need many
Are incomplete within themselves
That’s what it reveals.

Love but one
So fully so deeply so wholly
That you need nothing else to uplift…

May it be form may it be formless
May it ask for complete experience
May it ask for none
Just to experience it within
Having no other need to fulfill…

It is the…

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